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"Each photograph is a story captured in a single moment"

Author: M.Lopez

Photography is capturing the extraordinary meaning in each ordinary moment, and weaving these strands together to tell a story – your story - to hold, to share, to remember.

Author: Cindy Jenson-Elliot

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I took these for a challenge on a photography forum. The letter of the week is I. So, I for imagination. I love these pics, b/c there isn't any cheesy fake smiles. Its just pure simple outdoor play, with one of his favorite toys. I wanted my little girl in these pics too, since they both are usually running around with their stick horses, but she has became quite camera shy lately :-( I guess thats what happens with you are always sticking a camera in a childs face!! LOL



I just adore this one, can you see the joy on his face? heehee


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Melissa said...

I loooove these! He's having so much fun! Blog looks great!