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"Each photograph is a story captured in a single moment"

Author: M.Lopez

Photography is capturing the extraordinary meaning in each ordinary moment, and weaving these strands together to tell a story – your story - to hold, to share, to remember.

Author: Cindy Jenson-Elliot

Thursday, March 19, 2009

{The land of childhood}



{In the land of childhood}

In the magic land of childhood,
Where all children fondly dwell,
There’s a pocketful of daydreams,
And a story sweet to tell,
A land of true believing,
Where each happy child stands tall,
And a million golden moments,
Where life’s tiny sunbeams fall.

Childhood holds a place enchanted,
Where no grownup can invade.
There’s an ignorance unequalled,
That just never seems to fade.
There is laughter soft and gentle,
With a hope that’s running wild,
And a world of dreaming,
In the heart of every child.

I am sure the children are loved,
As he gazes from above,
Lending peace and special meaning,
To these ting bits of love.
Pleasant barefoot days in summer,
Fantasy and joys untold,
In the magic land of childhood…..
Silver raindrops-sun of gold.

-Sara Stowell

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