Quote of the day:

"Each photograph is a story captured in a single moment"

Author: M.Lopez

Photography is capturing the extraordinary meaning in each ordinary moment, and weaving these strands together to tell a story – your story - to hold, to share, to remember.

Author: Cindy Jenson-Elliot

Monday, February 15, 2010

funny boy

During dinner tonight I was asking the kids how their days went.... and what they did. They just went back today after 2 weeks straight of being off due to snow!!! I found this conversation to be rather funny.

ME- "Trey, what was the best thing about going back to school today?"
Trey- "That we got out early"

HA. Funny boy! I should add.. they got out early today, due to snow. JEEZ.



Leah Jent said...

Love the photo! What is with this winter? Are you ready for spring like me?

Gary Schmeidler said...

Very nice capture Jessica, wonderful catchlights! And now that is a snow break, WOW 2 weeks!

snaphappee said...

Gotta love a kid's perspective, huh? Too funny!

Whitley Pollet said...

Hehe, That's so cute!

Ashley Duckett said...

Cute. Love the image and the conversion Jessica!

kcraft said...

ah a boy after my own heart..the the photo and his answer.

Barbara said...

So nice, and a I like the processing.