Quote of the day:

"Each photograph is a story captured in a single moment"

Author: M.Lopez

Photography is capturing the extraordinary meaning in each ordinary moment, and weaving these strands together to tell a story – your story - to hold, to share, to remember.

Author: Cindy Jenson-Elliot

Sunday, February 14, 2010

~Pieces of me~

What makes you , you? What defines you... and makes you happy?





Whitley Pollet said...

I love these Jess! You are amazing! I wish I had your creativity! I love your processing on them!

Carebear said...

I really adore these. Your signature processing works perfectly here. And the creativity and freshness inspire! Wonderful work - adorable girl!

Leah Jent said...

So pretty... Happy Valentine's Day, Jess!

Kathleen said...

Love them. You are so inspiring!

Tori Piercy said...

Awww love these!

Anonymous said...

What makes me happy.....finding your blog. :)

Kara Layfield

Ashley Duckett said...

So creative Jess!

Gail said...

These are so creative and do a wonderful job of telling a story! Great images!!!